The End of History- Communism


I had troubles first starting something as openly ambitious in the context of my time on Medium. But, the more I thought about it, the more ideas I had and the much more clear things became for me. My good friend, who has written our conceptualization of communism, has put into good words the system which I love and therefore it is through the first parts of this essay that I suggest to the reader some reasons to take such a system, or more accurately, such an inevitable stage of human history, seriously.

Hegel’s Conception of History

Marx: The Maverick of Time

The Riddle Solved: What is Communism?

How Would Communism Work?

Such a society is difficult to imagine, as our consciousnesses are largely formed by our current material world. But it is also unhelpful to attempt to deeply conceive of communism in this way and attempt to work towards this conception of it, as a truly liberated society must emerge from a framework of liberated material conditions. It is also true that no major social changes came about with full knowledge of who will take out the trash, build the roads, cook the food, etc., and this is fine. But we are not blind in believing in it, nor are we working in the dark. Rather, we are leaving the door open so that real freedom can pass through, thus going beyond a simple rigid (and subsequently authoritarian) implementation of a particular political plan.



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