Tomorrow’s War

5 min readAug 28, 2022

by Diadelics (They/Them), August 28th 2022

“An insurrectional surge may be nothing more than a multiplication of communes, their coming into contact and forming of ties. As events unfold, communes will either merge into larger entities or fragment.”

— The Invisible Committee, “The Coming Insurrection”

“The Socialist Transition.” The phrase for which has been branded on us and has witnessed our very eternal damnation. Why have we been forsaken to such a degree. Why is it that we have been subjected to such a dogma, regardless of whether or not it comes from any real analysis. Castration is what could best be used to describe this process of bastardization in relation to Marx. Where opportunists have grabbed our testes and brutally detached us from any revolutionary praxis. The worst realization of this process, however, comes from our enjoyment of such torment.

Capitalist Realism has thus been forcing itself upon us whenever the opportunity rears its ugly head. Even to the point of us, as leftists, blinding ourselves to any real form of Communism. Thereby revoking ourselves of revolutionary potential and reproducing the same conditions we have been supposedly against for hundreds of years in the name of “Workerism,” “Vanguardism,” and worst of all, “Pragmatism.”

We hear of other Marxists and Anarchists taking the “pragmatic” route. What bullshit. We all understand Communism to be a more functional and efficient system. Taking action yourself will always be better than waiting for other people to do things for you. But how come that doesn’t apply to our movement for some of these people? What is so pragmatic about limiting your action to just one area, countryside, city, or nation? What is so pragmatic about working within a system you know damn well doesn’t work. Whether this be the market reforms of Deng Xiaoping, or the CNT-FAI working within the state to solidify itself as an organization, none of these actions can be seen as pragmatic.

Limiting yourself and your own action to rules, systems, organizations, will never work. You are only holding yourself back. What is so pragmatic about that?

“Because governing has never been anything other than postponing by a thousand subterfuges the moment when the crowd will string you up, and every act of government is nothing but a way of not losing control of the population”

The Invisible Committee, “The Coming Insurrection”

This is not to say that larger coordination is not something which we desire, of course we do. We want the mass destruction of Capitalism and its shitty logic. We want to tear down the clusterfuck that we call our current relations. We need it for our own preservation. But, we can’t rush this process. The inversion of Capitalist relations won’t happen over night, it won’t even happen in a single decade. The revolution is a process, that for a fact is true. But it can’t be fragmented into a series of processes either. We don’t stop at seizure (or, opposition to) the state. Our goal isn’t transition. Transition is a tool, a necessary one, but a tool nonetheless.

“Where is your successful revolution.” This is something that we as leftists hear ad nauseum, even within our own groups. But look around you for fucks sake. Where is our successful revolution. There is not a “Marxist-Leninist” revolution which is separate from an “Ultra Leftist” revolution. There simply exists the movement of the workers, the action of the workers, and the class suicide for which the proletariat must carry out. A win for the left is a win for the whole of the left.

If there is a section of us leftists which are unhappy that means a certain compromise has been carried out. We do not critique the USSR because we have fell into a historical trap, propped up by the CIA. We critique it because it deserves to be looked at in a critical lens, just like everything else. We refuse to hide our criticism from others because by suppressing criticism you are killing our revolution. Any other goal that is not affirming communist relations (and thereby negating capitalist relations) is a goal for the weak, the scared, and overall those who are not ready to call themselves one of us. Your shitty social programs, god awful laborism, and talks of a “healthy work place, better than that of the west,” are not going to cut it anymore. And it is not idealism to suggest that we may need to change things up for once.

We will block the roads, we will cut off communication, we will occupy territories and seize arms. We do not give a shit if you are going to work. Fuck your 9–5, fuck your hourly wage.

Communism is the movement to negate capitalism, not settle for less. We will not limit ourselves to the nation, we will occupy time itself and change our relation to the clock itself. Capitalism is not in crisis, it is the crisis. Bundled up with nice paper or a pretty ribbon lies a monster so scary that you are completely desensitized to its horror. Something so terrifying and destructive that you can’t even negate it because you do not know of its power. Capital, once again, forces itself upon us like the most fucked up of assaulters — yet we still remain blind to the rest of its ability.

We will not go to work, we will not affirm ourselves as a class, and we will not take “No” for an answer. We will not establish our own transitionary society, which only serves to limit our revolution — ending it before it is fully concluded. We will be a nomadic war machine, opposing the state at every level by establishing our own state — our own methods of class suppression which negates class and suppression in of themselves. Let the streets hear our cries, let the bourgeoisie and every fucked up bureaucrat tremble at our terror, our strikes, our inversion, our dictatorship of the proletariat.

Our goal lies in our direct action. Right now we will communize, right now we abolish the state, right now we organize — we will not wait for someone else to do it first.

Praxis Makes Perfect.




“There are two ways of rejecting the revolution. The first is to refuse to see it where it exists; the second is to see it where it manifestly will not occur.”